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Kids Care

Kids love to help kids! It’s proven that children who learn to give to others at an early age will continue to be philanthropically involved throughout their lives.

Kids Care offers students simple ways to help Oklahoma’s sick and injured kids through fundraising for us. The funds raised help support research, education, and clinical care. Participating schools have the opportunity to introduce leadership development, service-learning and community helpers through their fundraising efforts.


Bear in the Chair

Bear in the Chair is designed to make sure that no child at Children’s Hospital ever feels disconnected with their school. It is crucial that they feel connected with their friends at school as well as their teachers. Being in the hospital shouldn’t hinder them from keeping those relationships.

This will also give patients a support system to help keep their spirits up to hopefully speed up the recovery process and get them back to their classroom to learn and play with their friends again.

Patients between the ages of 4-14 years old treated at Hospital in Oklahoma City for more than 10 days are eligible for the program. The program is for all elementary schools and some middle schools across the state of Oklahoma.


Miracle Child & Grateful Families

Our Miracle Children & Grateful Families program is for the brave children who fight the toughest battles at Children’s Hospital. They use their harrowing and inspirational stories to be an ambassador for us. Any child treated at Children’s Hospital can be a part of the Miracle Children and Grateful Families program.

Miracle Kid & Grateful Families get to attend events and share their story across Oklahoma to help us fight against childhood illness, injury and disease. As a partner of CMN Hospitals, you will connect with other kids and families that have been through some of the same challenges and obstacles, all while inspiring others to help make miracles happen!

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