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Children's heart center

CHIldren's heart center

Our pediatric cardiothoracic surgery program is the first and only comprehensive surgical program of its type in Oklahoma. The team performs hundreds of congenital cardiac surgeries each year, ranging from the correction of relatively minor heart defects to highly complex repairs involving multiple cardiac defects or conditions. Their experience allows us to push the boundaries of possibility to achieve impressive outcome. This includes using hybrid and robotic techniques that help revolutionize their capabilities and how they provide care.


The world-class team is composed of board-certified cardiac surgeons and an unparalleled group of highly specialized support staff dedicated to patients with congenital heart disease and other associated heart conditions. The team treats nearly 450 total cases each year and have achieved rankings that meet or exceed some of the most successful programs in the country. 

Although we have successfully funded the CHF Brandon Weeden Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery for Dr. Burkhart, it is our mission to financially support the pediatric cardiothoracic surgical program to promote the continued advancement of ground-breaking research and care for heart patients. 


The funds will help support the pediatric cardiac surgery research program and lab. The support will allow the section to recruit a bench researcher, study new treatments for children with heart complications, increase team productivity, create opportunities for securing extramural funding and move the section toward benchmarks of National Excellence. 

With the support of the Children’s Health Foundation, the pediatric cardiothoracic surgical program has undergone a tremendous amount of growth in a relatively short period of time. Whereas the majority of children in Oklahoma needing heart surgery had to seek cardiac care out of state in the recent past, they can now all stay here in Oklahoma for their cardiovascular care. We can now provide the highest of pediatric cardiac care utilizing a multidisciplinary team of heart specialists, committed surgical teams with highly specialized operating rooms and the only dedicated pediatric cardiovascular intensive care unit in the state here at the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma. In addition, we are participating in ground breaking research allowing us to help lead the way in the treatment of pediatric cardiac surgery. Thank you so much for your support.

- Harold Burkhart, M.D., CHF Brandon Weeden Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery


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