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Also known as KXY Kids Club, our Butterfly Club has a new look and a new name. Why “Butterfly Club”? 

The concept of the butterfly effect is that one small action can create a ripple effect toward a much larger outcome. This idea comes from the theory that a butterfly flapping its wings could create a tornado on the other side of the world. One small action can create an incredibly large impact, even though you might not be able to see it. 

Every bit of support we have from YOU helps us in our mission to provide the best care for children in Oklahoma. Access to excellent care improves a child’s chances of succeeding in school and experiencing moments in life we all cherish. By contributing to us, you are supporting the well-being of our entire community! 

Joining our Butterfly Club is a simple monthly commitment of $20 per month (or the amount of your choice) for a year, or a one-time gift of $240. 

Benefits of being in the Butterfly Club:

•    Monthly e-communications and printed newsletters
•    Invitations to special events and programs
•    Invitations for you and your family to attend the Butterfly Club reception
•    Receive our annual report on how your donations are benefiting children and families
•    Butterfly Club member names will be printed periodically in Foundation materials (if you wish to remain anonymous,          you can inform our staff)
•    All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law 
•    Welcome t-shirt (please send us your size when you renew your membership)

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