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Presbyterian Health Foundation Grant to fund Pediatric Diabetes Program

The Presbyterian Health Foundation (PHF) awarded Children’s Hospital Foundation (CHF) a $100,000 grant to help fund “Wavelengths — Transitioning for Adolescents to Young Adults with Diabetes.” The Wavelengths program helps teens transition to life as young adults living with diabetes as they shift their care from pediatric to adult healthcare providers.

“Diabetes in pediatrics, with all of its day-to-day management, takes a toll on children and adults,” said Dr. David Sparling, CHF Paul and Ann Milburn Chair in Pediatric Diabetes. “But the multitude of changes during adolescence and young adulthood make diabetes control a heavy burden to bear. Transitional clinics and studies such as Wavelengths are vital to grow and adapt new therapies and interventions for our patients.”

The grant from the Presbyterian Health Foundation has a dollar per dollar match opportunity. Additional gifts will further benefit the pediatric diabetes program and the Wavelengths training at the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. This grant will not only directly benefit the pediatric diabetes program, but it will also continue to positively impact pediatric care and CHF’s efforts.

“We are so thankful to have such a dynamic relationship with the Presbyterian Health Foundation,” said Kathy McCracken, Executive Director. “Their continued support has helped us fund significant projects for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Adolescent Medicine, fellowships for medical students, and create the Presbyterian Health Foundation Endowed Chair in Pediatric Education.”


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