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Early Foundations Program

Children's Health Foundation is excited to announce that in August 2023, we received an $8,000 grant from the Fleeta Greenwood Foundation to support the Early Foundations program (EF) in Shawnee, Oklahoma. EF is a model demonstration program for preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Teachers provide critical, evidence-based, early intervention strategies in a community setting, incorporating access to typical peers. EF is run by Bonnie McBride, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Director of Programs, and co-founder of the Oklahoma Autism Center (an OU Health Sciences Center program).

Funds provided by the Fleeta Greenwood Foundation purchased iPad tablets for EF students. According to Dr. McBride, children with ASD often struggle to communicate and may be nonverbal. Teachers use the tablets to interact and provide classroom instruction in a comfortable, non-threatening environment. The tablets also collect data on children’s progress to improve instruction and share information with parents.

CHF and Dr. McBride are grateful for the support from the Fleeta Greenwood Foundation and celebrate the lasting impact the award will have on children with ASD in the Shawnee area.


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