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A Triumph for Children‘s Health

In 2020, a beacon of hope was lit for children battling cancer with the initiation of the $6 million Children’s Health Cancer Initiative. Over the course of three years, this groundbreaking initiative has not only reached its ambitious goal but has also played a pivotal role in strengthening the Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. The generous contributions from esteemed donors, including Keaton’s Kindness Foundation, Officials vs. Cancer, Cancer Sucks, MidFirst Bank, CMN Hospitals national partners, Drew Neville Charity Classic, Stanton L. Young Family Foundation, Friends of Jimmy Everest Center, and countless community donors across Oklahoma, have been instrumental in driving the initiative’s success.

The $6 million Children’s Health Cancer Initiative has a specific and impactful purpose – to support the research efforts of three new cancer research endowed Chairholders. These Chairs, named after inspiring figures, include the CHF Tripp Lewallen Research Chair, the CHF Bobby Murcer Research Chair, and the CHF Inasmuch Foundation Research Chair. These positions are critical for advancing groundbreaking research and ensuring a sustainable future for pediatric cancer treatment.

Beyond the financial contributions of major organizations, the success of the initiative is a testament to the power of community unity. The support from local donors across the state of Oklahoma has been invaluable, highlighting the collective commitment to improving the lives of children facing cancer.


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